Couples opting intimate wedding amid Covid era

The wedding planners across have much to share about the wedding scale, spirit and all about the emergence of intimate weddings with wedding season around.

With the pandemic hitting hard spoiling the plans for big fat destination weddings, the spirit to tie the knot among couples haven’t dampened yet. As the weddings are smaller in size this time due to the restrictions, the couples have started opting for intimate weddings.

The wedding planners across have much to share about the wedding scale, spirit and all about the emergence of intimate weddings with wedding season around.

According to Mr VikaasGutguttia, Founder & Managing Director at Ferns N Petals and FNP Venues, “During the COVID our sales dipped as were not able to host intimate weddings because of our huge spaces. After the lockdown, there was a huge change in the sales and people got more inclined on booking our luxury venues as well as décor for their functions.”

He further said, “Couples are opting for luxurious setups for their functions as now they are able to invite more people. The amount has almost doubled as compared to the costs being spent before COVID. We at FNP expects the business to bounce back with a bang”

As of now, things have got back to normal, we are seeing a comeback of ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ where couples are opting for OTT(Over The Top) décor to make their wedding a grand affair, he added.

“It’s a more intimate, yet highly experiential affair this time with unique offerings and elaborate detailing. People are going the extra mile in giving their guests customized and exclusive experiences. They have been postponing the wedding for quite sometime and now they don’t want to compromise on the celebration,” says wedding planners Aaradhana& Prateek Kashyap of Made in Heaven who launched their company during the covid times in 2020.

While last year weddings were a low key affair, this year, it’s back with a bang with some trends which have been witnessed. This includes domestic destination weddings as with most international destinations not available due to the pandemic, this season saw some new destinations springing up for the wedding season.

Prateek further said, “Sustainable and eco-friendly Weddings are also in with a number of couples today celebrating their big day, by making sure they give back to the environment. From eco-friendly wedding invitations made out of recycled paper or upcycled leather and wood to picking up an eco-friendly venue (LEED certified), all are much in fashion.”

In addition, Mr Shahzad Aslam, Sales Head, Leisure Hotels Group said, “The number of destination weddings increased significantly this year when the restrictions were lifted. The demand for large weddings has remained unchanged. When it comes to destination weddings, families are increasingly choosing open spaces over indoor ones. All of our resorts are hosting weddings at maximum with adhering to COVID protocols.”

Leisure Hotels Group operates 29 Hotels across Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, UP & Goa. It has a portfolio of 20 Hotels in Uttarakhand itself with large wedding Hotels including The Riverview Retreat at Corbet, The Naini Retreat at Nainital, The Aloha on the Ganges at Rishikesh.

Dr MeherBharuchaSarid, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at The Wedding Art said, “The pandemic has been a great learning curve, providing me with the opportunity to get more innovative and tech-savvy. My team and I ensure that intimate weddings do not lose out on opulence. And provide seamless tech integration for loved ones across the world to participate in the ceremonies.”

Dr Bharucha further said, “Earlier, artists would perform on massive stages of 30×16 or more, buffets would be laid out on huge grounds, far from the actual ceremony. So guests were always spread out. But all that has changed now. Decor, design, food and every other detail in an intimate wedding are there for everyone to scrutinize and judge, as opposed to grand-scale weddings where the grandeur sheer size would wow many guests. So we continue our relentless promise of faultless execution and ensure that the couple and families have memorable experiences.”

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