COVID 19 Plan

With the opening of the lockdown, small business like ours now have an opportunity to function again. However, it is our priority to ensure we take great care of our clients and couples and follow all SOPs laid down by the state and central government administrations. 

Virtual Meetings

We encourage virtual meetings for the first few times when our clients reach out to us. This is done to ensure we minimise any immediate risks on our part. We set-up a physical meeting only when we are ready to plan for our photography and pre-wedding shoots. This is done as per the preference of our clients. 


When on actual wedding shoots, crew members wear face masks, latext gloves to follow proper guidelines.


For all our pre-wedding shoots, we carefully hand pic locations which are outdoors, away from the crowded areas. We also shoot in scenic places such as mountain spots. For indoor locations we choose well ventilated areas with plenty of spaces and minimal crowds.

On Location Shooting 

All our equipment is sanitized before we begin our shoot. All personnel are tested a day before shoot (RTPCR). All crew members, including photographers and directors wear masks, latex gloves at all times with sanitizers at ready reckoner if needed. 

Social Distance

We encourage and ensure our crews follow apt distancing measures during the shoot. We also encourage our clients to bring only essential personnel with them

Additional Guidelines?

Do you questions or additional guidelines, that we need to follow for your shoot? Please do let us know by clicking here.

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